The name LYNX, originally was nicknamed in 2004 from a body of water in Virginia Beach called Linkhorn Bay, which is a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.  The concept came from a group of close friends that spent every day they could wakeboarding and wakesurfing on this body of water. After competing in tournaments they became known by others as the “LYNX Crew.” Lynx then became known as the company Lynx Shreds as some of the best athletes in the country in other sports joined the team. Their affection for the water later evolved into more of a passion for not only the culture and lifestyle around their sports, but also for respecting our oceans, bays, and environments.  


Our desire is to protect these enviroments we love. That is why we now donate a portion of all the proceeds from every Mid-Atlantic sale to the  Chesapeake Bay Foundation and a portion of every national/international sale to the Surfrider Foundation.

LYNX SHREDS represents more than just a clothing line.  LYNX is a lifestyle of being active in doing an activity that you love and are passionate about.   A lifestyle that lives through pushing your friends and yourself to get better and go bigger and harder in every physical activity you do.  Putting in the work and time to improve at your sport.  It is following your passion and what you love doing in your favorite places with your best friends.

Today that vision is the heart and soul behind LYNX SHREDS. LYNX isn't just about what you are doing and where, but it’s also who you are doing it with and giving it everything you've got. Pushing yourself and your friends to make each other the best you can possibly be while respecting our waters, bays, and oceans by keeping them clean. The company is creating apparel that is constantly changing to meet the needs of the hard-charging athletes doing what they love.